Boutique Style Dinner Parties

starting at $75 per person, up to 60 guests


After learning exactly what you want in an event, we devise a custom menu that is executed the day or night of your gathering. Ingredients are sourced from local farmers and grocers whenever possible, so you get the best ingredients Austin, Texas has to offer.



Think of this as having close friends around for a Thanksgiving-style dinner where we plate large format dishes and allow everybody to serve themselves. Typically includes 2 large main dishes and 2-4 side dishes. Recommended for larger groups that want a less formal evening.


This is our most requested dinner party option by far. A 3-4 course custom menu for your guests. Featuring individually composed dishes that are inspired by creativity and seasonal ingredients. A fun night for “foodies”!


This choice is for the serious food guru who enjoys the flavors of the world. A 5-7 course tasting menu that allows for a true sit down experience that will be sure to blow you away. This is for those evenings that are worth going BIG for!


Maybe you are just getting off the water, or maybe you just want to have a backyard BBQ! Either way, we will do all the grilling and make a menu that is geared towards hangin’ in the backyard and “grillin’ out”.


We also offer seasonal crawfish boils.

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