Your full-time private chef experience

  • We consult with you to learn what exactly you are looking for in a private chef.

  • We devise your menu(s) daily and only use the best ingredients found in Austin.

  • We come to your home 1-3 times per day to cook for your family.

  • You enjoy nutritious, delicious, and stress-free meals with family and friends.

What we bring to the table

  • Restaurant-caliber food prepared in your home.

  • No more going to the grocery store or eating fast food.

  • Healthy and delicious meals that support the local economy.

  • Experience your chef’s skill set every single day!


INVOICE & PRICING EXPLAINED (fees for Time and Materials)

  • Professional Service Fee (Determined By: Frequency of Meals, Dietary Preferences, Grocery Budget, Additional Services Needed)

  • Security Deposit (Paid Upon Signing With Gather & Forge and Retained Until Rendered Invalid): 50% of Professional Service Fee

  • Optional Cooking Class on Proper Reheating Instructions: $50/hour

  • Optional Disposable Container Purchase: ranges from $20-$50

  • Optional Reusable Container Purchase (one time): ranges from $50-$150